$1.8M Nevada Marijuana revenue goes to the homeless

$1.8M Nevada Marijuana revenue goes to the homeless

About $2M of Nevada marijuana revenue will direct to non-profit organization HELP which caters to the homeless.

Nevada Marijuana licensing fees

The amount is the first round of funds collected from marijuana licensing fees that Clark County of Nevada is allocating for the $9.7 million initiative aimed at reducing homelessness.

The Associated Press reported that major bulk of the amount will go towards adding beds at homeless youth shelters.

$1.8M Nevada Marijuana revenue goes to the homeless


HELP will receive about $856,000 to add 76 beds at the Shannon West Homeless Youth Center. The remaining $931,000 will be used to add 60 beds to a rapid rehousing program that houses recently discharged hospitals patients who have nowhere to go.

The organization is based in Southern Nevada which provides shelter and resources to disadvantaged individuals.

Homelessness in Nevada


Recent data show that there are around 6,000 homeless individuals in Southern Nevada. Around 1,000 of this number are younger than 25.

$1.8M Nevada Marijuana revenue goes to the homeless

Social service workers welcomed the fund which they say is a huge help in addressing homelessness in Southern Nevada.

Speaking before reporters, Michelle Fuller-Hallauer, a manager at Clark County Social Services said that the amount intended for the program is more preferable than federal dollars as they are ‘more flexible.’

“So they will allow us to fill the gaps on things that our other funding doesn’t allow us to pay for,” she said.

HELP intends to add 10 new staff members to cater to about 100 news beds being added to their center.

The move by Nevada to allocate marijuana revenue in solving public issues is also expected to play a huge role in transforming public attitudes toward the illicit drug.

The cannabis plant is known to help ease physical afflictions such as arthritis and chronic pain, as well as mental health problems like substance addiction, anxiety, and depression.

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