Game of Thrones spoilers: Here’s how to get £100 compensation for a GOT spoiler

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Game of Thrones fans are waiting for the finale episode and they are trying to avoid any of the Game of Thrones spoilers. But these days, we all know that the internet is dark and full of spoilers. Nobody wants to ruin their story with unnecessary spoilers. Many fans have started avoiding social media apps, which include Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

There are many fans who would love to stay up all night or rise before the sunrise to watch their favourite show Game of Thrones. They don’t want to fall prey to storyline spoilers which are circulating all over the internet.

Get £100 compensation if you fall victim to Game of Thrones spoilers

Game of Thrones spoilers alert

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Game of Thrones fans are likely to get £100 if they fall prey to series spoilers. Yes, this is true! You still can’t believe it, then check out the Endsleigh Insurance Services announcement. Before the season 8 finale, they stated that they would be providing ‘Spoiler Cover’ to Game of Thrones fans.

As per the reports, every person will be offered £100 if their plotline gets ruined. This new policy is applicable only in the United Kingdom. They will ask you to write down how the plot was spoiled for you in 100 words along with the evidence.

If your relatives, social media or friends have ruined your experience, then you can claim financial compensation now.

Game of Thrones s8 e6

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Consolatory NOW TV pass

The claimant will get a consolatory NOW TV pass which will help them to revisit the entire series during their free time. So now, even if you get spoilers, you are not at a loss. However, there are only a limited number of payouts available, we hope that you get compensated for your loss.

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