13 Reasons Why Season 3 Trailer Out: Who Killed Bryce Walker?

13 Reasons Why Season 3 Trailer Out: Who Killed Bryce Walker?

With the Season 3 trailer, 13 Reasons Why has driven us all to walk around the most baffling murder mystery with some foggy pieces.
Hannah’s major convict, Bryce Walker has been murdered leaving a question behind; Who killed Bryce Walker?

13 Reasons Why Season 3 trailer breakdown

Netflix has just uploaded a final trailer version for 13 Reasons Why season three everyone from the high school is been suspected for Bryce Walker’s slaying. In the final trailer, you may see Bryce’s mother breaking down in front of the policemen. She is desperate enough to know about who killed his son, so brutally.

Meanwhile, If it is Bryce, then every other Liberty High senior is full of motives to slaughter him to death. There’s Jessica (Alisha Boe), who Bryce had raped in season 1 while she was drunk dead. Moreover, Tyler, his remorse, and how Bryce has assaulted him before, may have lead to end the game in one go.

Not to mention that everyone has a gut feeling of Clay Janson (Dylan Minnette)being the real brains behind Walker’s death. The whole misery game has leveled one degree up, this time. While Justin (Brandon Flynn) warns Clay of not knowing everything behind Hannah, Walker, and everything that went around in Liberty High, the cops are leaving no stones unturned to find the real culprit.

Who’s behind Walker’s death

13 Reasons Why Season 3 Trailer Out: Who Killed Bryce Walker?


The inspectors have also been questioning the less-probable accused involving Zach (Ross Butler), Tony (Christian Navarro) and Montgomery (Timothy Granaderos). You may look at Clay feeling no remorse or sorrow over Bryce’s death.

Clay goes on to say, “The whole f***king world is better without Bryce Walker in it.”

You may also find Jessica scared over to death at Clay’s loathing reply.
However, we haven’t seen any particular glimpses of Hannah Baker this trailer. So, this may be the first season without Katherine Langford as the main victim, Hannah Baker.

Netflix’s original 13 Reasons Why explores the living hell-like life of Hannah Baker and the thirteen reasons behind her troublesome suicide. She leaves on cassette tapes for all her thirteen culprits so they can realize what wickedness they have done and to never do it again in future. For more updates also on the upcoming seasons, follow Blocktoro.

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