NBA Draft 2019 : Utah Jazz trade Conley to boost Final’s chances

Utah Jazz

Utah Jazz has acquired the services of Mike Conley from Grizzlies and has significantly boosted their Finals contention for the next season. Grizzlies though will be more than happy to have Jade Crowden, Kyle Korver, Grayson Allen, No.23 pick in NBA draft 2019 this Thursday as well as a future first-round pick.

Grizzlies get valuable returns

Memphis Grizzlies would be a happy team knowing they have acquired two first-round picks in return. Memphis have lost one reliable legend from the Grit-n-Grind era and the last one from that time.

Kyle Korver, Crowder and Allen though are useful additions in a depleted Grizzlies team. Allen, although a No.21 pick in the last NBA draft is worth investment. Utah certainly believed so talking about his potential.

2019 NBA Draft : Utah trade Conley to boost Final's chances01

Crowder can be traded for 2 second round picks. Image:

Crowder and Korver are valuable assets that can be traded for good values, especially the latter. Crowder is a capable power forward and Utah would certainly miss him. He can be traded for 2 second round picks of the NBA draft 2019 and Grizzlies can now be very Versatile in their plans moving forward.

Utah Jazz acquiring stock diminishing with Conley deal at NBA Draft 2019

The $32.5m salary cap that Conley brings with him is enough to Utah out of contention for max level free agents. Utah has also might give too much for Conley but Boston’s rumoured interest in him played a part in it. The news of Boston losing both Kyle Irving and Al Horford escalated Utah’s decision.

The Detroit Pistons, on the other hand, were also interested in Conley but opted against the hefty price. Giving away 2 first round picks of NBA Draft 2019 would have been deal breakers there.

Conley will provide heavy cushion on Utah Jazz defence. It would require multiple playmakers to break through and that’s good news for Utah Jazz who had just Mitchell last season. Mitchell although tried as hard as he could but is still a rookie, to be honest.

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