50 Best Restaurants Around the World – The Official List Is Here

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Have you ever fantasized about a food trip all around the world and eating in the best restaurants? If yes, we have for you the list of fifty best restaurants all around the globe to convert your fantasy into a reality.

San Pellegrino sponsored an event in Singapore to find out 50 restaurants that are the best all around the world. An expensive French restaurant called Mauro Colagreco’s Mirazur won the title of the best restaurant. It’s only after 2002 that a French restaurant has made it to the top.

The 18-year old contest was criticized by all for their biased jury which was only composed of rich white men.  But this year the jury has been made race as well as gender-neutral.

You will be surprised to know, the list of 50 restaurants comprised of only five restaurants which are headed by chefs that are female. The sad fact is that the condition was similar last year. Kudos to Clare Smyth, she is the one who has managed to earn the honour of the “World’s Best Chef female”

50 Best Restaurants Around the World – The Official List Is Here

50 Best Restaurants in the World

The list of the best restaurants around the world is right here. Beware the list may ignite the Monica Geller inside you.

50 Best Restaurants Around the World – The Official List Is Here

A Picture From the Event.

  • Mirazur located at Menton, France topped the list. It’s headed by a chef Mauro Colagreco. Previously it was ranked as the third best. The Average cost, you may have to make for a visit is approximate, €110-€210
  • Headed by Chef, Rene Redzepi Noma located at Copenhagen, Denmark was ranked the second-best restaurant.
  • Third in this list is Asador Etxebarri in Atxondo, Spain headed by Chef named Victor Arguinzoniz. You will have to spend €176 tasting as the average cost at the restaurant. It was 10th in the race in 2018.
  • Gaggan located in Bangkok, Thailand headed by Chef named Gaggan Anand is the fourth in the race. Its previous year’s rank was number 5.
  • Geranium at Copenhagen, Denmark is the fifth in the race.
  • Central Lima in Peru should be number six on your food tour.
  • At number seven is Mugaritz Sebastian located in Spain
  • Eighth in the race is Arpège at Paris in France
  • The Disfrutar in Barcelona, Spain is the ninth best restaurant around the globe.
  • Maido Lima in Peru is the tenth.


Others in the list of 50 best restaurants are:

  1. Den in Tokyo, Japan
  2. Pujol in Mexico City of Mexico
  3. White Rabbit in Moscow, Russia
  4. Azurmendi Larrabetzu in Spain
  5. Septime in Paris, France
  6. Alain Ducasse Plaza Athénée in Paris of France
  7. Steirereck in Vienna, Austria
  8.  Odette in Singapore
  9. Twins Garden in Moscow, Russia
  10. Tickets in Barcelona, Spain
  11. Frantzén located in Stockholm, Sweden
  12. Narisawa located in Tokyo, Japan
  13. Cosme located in New Y0rk, USA
  14. Quintonil located in Mexico
  15. Alléno Paris au Pavillon located in Ledoyen Paris of France
  16. Boragó located in Santiago, Chile
  17. The Clove Club located in London, United Kingdom
  18. Blue Hill at Stone Barns located in Pocantico Hills, USA
  19. Piazza Duomo located in Alba, Italy
  20. Elkano located in Getaria, Spain
  21. Le Calandre located in Rubano, Italy
  22. Nerua located in Bilbao, Spain
  23. Lyle’s located in London, U.K.
  24. Don J Buenos located in Aires, Argentina
  25. Atelier Crenn located in the USA
  26. Le Bernardin located in New York, USA
  27. Alinea located in Chicago, USA
  28. Hiša Franko located in Kobarid, Slovenia
  29. A Casa d Porco located in São Paulo, Brazil
  30. Restaurant T Raue located in Berlin, Germany
  31. The Chairman located in Hong Kong
  32. Belcanto located in Lisbon, Portugal
  33. Hof V Cleve located in Kruishoutem, Belgium
  34. Test Kitchen located in Cape Town, S.A.
  35. Sühring located in Bangkok, Thailand
  36. De Librije located in Zwolle, Netherlands
  37. Benu located in San Francisco, USA
  38. Ultraviolet by Paul Pairet located in Shanghai, China
  39. Leo located in Bogotá, Colombia
  40. Schloss Schauenstein located in Fürstenau, Switzerland

Honourable Mentions and Awards

Chefs are indeed creators of heaven on earth and other major titles were bagged by these talented people,

  • The award for the Best Pastry Chef was bagged by Jessica P Alain from Athénée, Paris
  • The World’s Best Chef Female 2019 is Daniela Soto-Innes from Cosme, New York City.
  • The Icon Award 2019 is won by José Andrés who is a part of ThinkFoodGroup at Washington D.C.
  • The winner of the BBVA Scholarship is Andersen Lee
  • Schloss S Fürstenau located in Switzerland is awarded as the most Sustainable Restaurant.
  • The Chef’s Choice Award was bagged by Alain Passard
  • The Highest Climber award was given to Azurmendi Larrabetzu from Spain
  • Den located in Tokyo, Japan was awarded as the restaurant with the best Art of Hospitality.

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