Adele, Bradley Cooper Dating Rumors: Lady Gaga is the Matchmaker between the New Couple

Adele, Bradley Cooper Dating Rumors: Lady Gaga is the Matchmaker between the New Couple

Adele and Bradley Cooper’s dating rumors are making headlines once again and this time Lady Gaga is the one who brought them together. There is an article published in New Idea which claims that Adele is ready to date once again after her weight over and Cooper could be the one she picks as her next partner.

Bradley and Adele have been introduced to each other by Lady Gaga and she has become the matchmaker for the couple. It further adds that both the Hollywood superstar and Grammy-winning singer have become single after so long and they are ready for a new relationship now. Here is more on Adele, Bradley Cooper dating rumors and the possible truth behind the reports of Lady Gaga setting up the couple.

Lady Gaga has Set up Adele and Bradley Cooper

Lady Gaga is the mutual friend between Adele and Bradley Cooper as she knows both of them very well. Everyone knows that Gaga and Adele are from the music industry and their friendship is very famous where Lady Gaga once tweeted that she will name her next album “Adele.”

As for Cooper and Gaga, they were almost a couple during “A Star is Born” filming and promotions, and they are still very close to each other. Since Lady Gaga has already found love in Michael Polansky, she wants the same for Bradley Cooper and that’s why she introduced him to Adele who is also looking for a relationship at the moment.

Adele, Bradley Cooper Dating Rumors and Real Truth

Adele, Bradley Cooper dating rumors are totally fake and they have already been debunked before. The singer recently confirmed on Instagram that she is indeed single and has no plans to get into a relationship at the moment.

Despite that, the tabloids are linking Adele with random names such as Brad Pitt that makes no sense at all. Even Bradley Cooper has been linked with Jennifer Garner by the same gossip columns and even that reports are just fake news.

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