Advent of Korean Pop Music has transformed Western Hemisphere

Advent of Korean Pop Music has transformed Western Hemisphere

It’s been a while when the whole Wembley Stadium was thumping to the beats of music in a language, that seemed Greek to them. The devotees of Korean Pop Music cherished their ideal and believe me, the lines “Make Some Noise, Wembley” couldn’t have been more apposite. The same heed was paid with greater vigor in New Jersey and San Jose when the crowd harmonized the hooks, vividly with Korean bands.

Korean Pop Music artists turned the table of trends

Advent of Korean Pop Music has transformed Western Hemisphere

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It was Psy’s Gangnam Style that first shifted the course of Hallyu: the Korean wave. The song was enough to prove that pop isn’t uni-lingual, it speaks every language. The super-beats drove the netizens and fortunately, the song was not a one-off shtick.

Rather, the Psy reign continued for five long years as the most watched video on YouTube loosing to See You Again by Wiz Khalifa in 2017.

Advent of Korean Pop Music has transformed Western Hemisphere

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The answer’s right away. Unlike the new generation American pop that works maximum in loops with minimalist melodies, Korean Pop Music values different music genres and blend them together with touch of hip-hop melodies and slickly dance moves.

The performers work hard, face grueling methods of training and push their limits far just to produce an endless chain of songs, nourished with perfection and a global appeal.

Like K-Music? Here is why

They are known to merge diverse genres and cultures together. Besides, the truest of melodies and hardcore rhythms, there’s more to the industry of Korean Pop Music. The brilliant marketing and clever designed videos have ignited enthusiasm among music-lovers.

Like a typical loving soap opera, the songs have it all- betrayal, heartbreak, mystery, fantasy and most importantly, drama. Moreover, the streaming revolution up-guarded their success. Bands like BTS, BLACKPINK, EXO should have credited their massive successes to streaming.

Unlike the Chinese or Japanese, Korean companies embrace international media as much as their own home grown media platforms. The Korean artists have an active presence on more public networks, like Twitter, YouTube and Facebook.

Advent of Korean Pop Music:

Advent of Korean Pop Music has transformed Western Hemisphere

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Although the Korean wave is five decades old, the K-pop in particular, sprang up in 1992. An off-center boy band performed live in a talent contest and like the best of success stories, saw brutal rejection by the judges.

The group was none other than Seo Taeji and Boys. Although the trio failed to impress the judges, the audience went wild. And not so long after that their song, “I Know” smashed all records and climbed to top for consecutive 17 weeks.

Meanwhile, the group was disbanded in 1996 but the wave they created, paved way for other singers and artists to create a sustainable landscape for Korean music. The creators became more experimental and mashed rhythms and a hardcore pinch of melodies together.

The new-gen successors of Sae Taeji:

Advent of Korean Pop Music has transformed Western Hemisphere


Who on earth thought about an event that attracted only a number of next door visitors on the first spot will surpass more than 125,000 visitors just after five years of the premiere. The KCON festival, first organized in 2012 now see audience garnered from both coasts and mainstream towns.

The last KCON was highly anticipated. The chanting was louder than ever. It’s more like the roofs would blow away, if cheering wouldn’t stop.
The audience easily infuses themselves with the chorus of Korean Pop Music, making it more likable.

Furthermore, the much talked about K-artists have already hit the Billboard 100 charts more than ten times and this time the Gaon Music Charts. The fad started with Wonder Girls’ mega-hit Nobody and since then, the popularity of Korean Pop Music ballooned certainly. The K-music industry has become a billion-dollar family with net-value of impressive $6 billions.

Moreover, BTS has yet again, cracked the audience of the USA with talent and generosity. The band became the first Korean group to play at Citi Field, New York. The organizers couldn’t have been happier since the show sold out in 15 minutes.

K-artists topping the charts:

Advent of Korean Pop Music has transformed Western Hemisphere

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The female bands are also competing in the race of being number one. “Ddu-du-ddu-du” by BLACKPINK scored 55th rank in Billboard 100- the highest for a K-girl band debut.

The fad is followed by Super Junior. The band has given a mega hit with Lo Siento-a song that’s half Korean and half-Spanish. Interestingly, BTS’ music album Love Yourself: Tear was released in May. The album scored a rank of one on Billboard 200, selling almost 135,000 copies in the first week of it’s release.

Even after all this time, Korean music never fails to feel positive and upbeat. They even experiment with changes and off-set differentiation. With loads of melodies and heavy harmonies, Korean Pop Music is certainly filling the gaps between talent and sophistication.

List of upcoming tours and concerts:

Advent of Korean Pop Music has transformed Western Hemisphere

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Besides, KCON USA, the Korean pop bands are acquiring the local venues and starting rough with their own concerts and tours. Meanwhile, KCON will be dazzling the New York fields on 6 and 7 July. However, the fest will conclude itself in Los Angeles from 15 to 18 August.

Another music group, TWICE have also declared the dates of their US tours from July 17 to July 23. The stops of the tour will be Chicago, Newark and Los Angeles.

The year will also see a frontier collaboration of iKON, Jackson Wang (GOT7) and DPR Live together. The music groups will perform the Head in Clouds lineup together on Aug. 17.

Remember, the season has just started and there’s much more to look to besides glamour and sensations.

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