Airbnb offers Bella Swan’s house from Twilight to be yours for a day!

Airbnb offers Bella Swan's house from Twilight to be yours for a day!

Twilight fans, are you still not over the hang of the movie? The spell that the books have casted on you still makes you cry wondering when will meet Edward and Bella again? Do you often wonder how living the life of Bella or Edward would feel like? If yes then Airbnb can be your friend! Wondering how? For it is offering you the real-life experience of living in Bella Swan’s house for a day. That too at a reasonable price!

Airbnb offers Bella Swan's house from Twilight to be yours for a day!

Source: Entertainment Weekly

Airbnb: How to claim Bella Swan’s house?

If you are a die-heart fan of Twilight, then by now your eyes must have popped out of your head and must be rolling somewhere on the ground! Pick them up fast and continue reading. For I am not joking about renting Bella Swan’s original house via Airbnb. I know these are sensitive matters and should not be unnecessary meddled with.

So yes, the news is confirmed and you can check for yourself the veracity of my statement on Airbnb. The home that sheltered Bella Swan throughout the Twilight franchise (I mean the first 3 parts) is currently on Airbnb. the house is available for $330, per night.

It is open for booking for mega-fans of Twilight, who have often dreamt of sleeping there in Edwards arms! You can have an overnight sleep in Bella’s room and enjoy a virtual ride by sitting on her Bike, which now adorns the driveway.

What all the house has to offer you?

Airbnb offers Bella Swan's house from Twilight to be yours for a day!

Inside view
Source: Daily Mail

One more thing, you don’t have to go to Forks, Washington for this! Even though the entire drama was set there the house on Airbnb is located in Saint Helens, Oregon. It is a place some 30 miles North of Portland.

The house is not exactly as stated in the book or shown in the film. No, don’t get disappointed, the interior is the same and so is the building what’s different is the size.

The film did not reveal that the house is actually accommodating 5 bed rooms, due to storyline issues. Now you know that Bella is supposed to live in a 2 bedroom, 1 bathroom house and thankfully they did not change it!

So if you want a to spend a day feeling like Bella Swan then my friends, I think this is the closest you can get! What are you waiting for i have already booked it for a day!

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