AirPods Studio: Release Date, Features, Design, Rumored Price – That and more about Apple’s upcoming noise-canceling headphones

airpods studio

AirPods has become one of Apple’s mainstay brands that launches fresh products periodically. The company has no intentions for a renewed AirPods 2, though. Reports have revealed that a new over-ear headphone will appear by the name of AirPods Studio.

airpods studio

AirPods Studio: Design & Features

Rumor has it that Apple has been working towards two fresh models of AirPods over the past months. The informed leaked on the internet suggests that Apple intends to expand the product lineup with introduction of over-ear variants alongside the truly wireless models.

Jon Prosser, Founder of Front Page Tech and reliable Apple leaker, revealed that Apple is expected to continue its AirPods label for the over-ear headphones with product code B515. Fans were skeptical about the use of word “Pods” since it does not correspond with a product that is not truly wireless. However, Posser clarified saying that Apple has used the suffix “Pods” for its music-related products.

Further, the modular design of AirPods Studio has also received some attention. Reporting on over-ear headphones, Mark Gurman of Bloomberg reported that it will have earpads that are detachable from the headband. Although no mention of AirPods Studio was made.

Airpods Studio: Release Date and Rumored Price

The rumored price for AirPods Studio, at $100 above the AirPods Pro, is $349. But owing to the design alterations and upgrades, the higher cost comes as no surprise.

The release date of AirPods Studio is unclear at the moment. However, Prosser has been pointing towards a new AirPods that is “ready to ship.” This could mean that the announcement may come through another website refresh much sooner than fans had in mind. It is also noteworthy that AirPods X is different from AirPods Studio, that Prosser says is planned for launch in late 2020.

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