AJ Green Trade Deals with Patriots, Eagles, Packers and Chiefs

AJ Green Trade Rumors

AJ Green has not played a single game for the Cincinnati Bengals so far in the NFL 2019 season and has no plans for that. The star wide receiver will recover soon from his injuries and will most likely change teams instead of playing for the Bengals which are at 0-5 and have no playoff chances. Green himself confirmed about making new trade deals when he said: “I’m prepared for anything.” NFL teams such as Patriots, Eagles, Packers, and Chiefs can sign AJ Green before the October 29 trade deadline.

New England Patriots

AJ Green Trade Deals New England Patriots

The Patriots are the strongest team with a 6-0 record but they do need a talented wide receiver for the playoffs. It is why Antonio Brown was signed in the team but due to unforeseen circumstances, he was released. AJ Green could be the perfect fit for the New England Patriots as Tom Brady needs someone to support him.

Philadelphia Eagles

Philadelphia Eagles

Philadelphia Eagles are the team that has been trying to sign every high profile player that has been put on the trade block. The Eagles are currently 3-2 in the NFL 2019 season and Carson Wentz needs better supporting players. AJ Green would give the Eagles the edge they are looking for and head in strong for the rest of the games.

Green Bay Packers

AJ Green Trade Deals Green Bay Packers

Green Bay Packers are doing a great job and Aaron Rodgers has been amazing as a starting quarterback but their wide receiver position needs improvement. Davante Adams is injured and it makes sense for the Packers to sign a trade deal with AJ Green. The Packers are already a top contender in the NFC and having Green would improve their chances further.

Kansas City Chiefs

AJ Green Trade Deals Kansas City Chiefs

Kansas City Chiefs might have the best offense in the form of Patrick Mahomes but they still lost to the Indianapolis Colts. The offensive line of Chiefs doesn’t have a strong wide receiver as injuries have plagued the team roster. Mahomes can throw perfectly but he would need someone talented enough like AJ Green to catch it. Also, having Green in their team would mean the Patriots won’t have him and it means a lot in the long run.

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