Alabama Abortion Law Condemnation, Emily Ratajkowski Poses Nude

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Emily Ratajkowski is an American actress as well as a model. She rose to fame in 2013 after appearing topless in Robin Thicke’s “Blurred Lines”. Today, she has become the brand ambassador of Belvedere. In 2018, she attended Vanity Fair Oscar Party which was hosted Wallis Annenberg Center by Radhika Jones. After the pass of Alabama Abortion Law, he acted to condemn it.

Emily Ratajkowski Nude Photoshoot

Alabama Abortion Law Condemnation, Emily Ratajkowski Poses Nude

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Emily is against the Alabama Abortion law which was passed a few days ago by Kay Ivey, a Republican. Recently, Emily posted a nude picture of herself on her Instagram profile. On Thursday, she decided to fight for it and support women. She has decided to raise her voice and protect the Alabama Human Life Protection Act.

Alabama Abortion Law Passing Date and Details

Alabama Abortion Law Condemnation, Emily Ratajkowski Poses Nude

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Alabama Abortion law has become the strictest abortion law in America. There is life imprisonment for every doctor who carries out an illegal abortion.

However, Emily was trying to target the twenty-five white men who had voted for the abortion ban for incest and rape with her nude photoshoot.

About Emily’s Instagram post

On her Instagram captions, she stated:

These 25 men are forcefully using their wills onto the women to maintain their patriarchy.

They want to prevent women who are coming from low economic families from the right to choose to not reproduce.

Emily was completely posing nude, though she had her crotch covered with a flower petal placed between her legs. Later on, she further added that states have the highest proportions of black women. It is the direct war on the fundamental human rights of women in America. Check Out Blocktoro.com for more.

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