Alfie Allen, Emmy nominated GOT star’s controversial song goes viral

Alfie Allen, Emmy nominated GOT star's controversial song goes viral

In the year 2016 Lilly Allen wrote a controversial song about the very famous Alfie Allen or Theon Greyjoy from the record-breaking series Game of Thrones. The role of Theon Greyjoy was played by the English actor, Alfie Allen. The song about him was very popular back in the days and it has gone viral once again.

Alfie Allen, Emmy nominated GOT star's controversial song goes viral

Alfie Allen’s performance was immensely convincing as Theon Greyjoy in Game of Thrones.

Lily-Rose Beatrice Cooper who is professionally known as Lily Allen is a singer as well as a songwriter. She is the sister of Alfie Allen.

Alfie Allen has done well in his career, every GOT fan knows how badly his character suffered. His performance was immensely convincing. Apart from the popular HBO series the star, Alfie Allen has done a number of popular films and TV series.

Alfie Allen has been nominated for a number of awards and won the Empire award in the year 2015. But his past life isn’t that great if we believe what Lilly had to say.

The song – “Alfie”

Alfie Allen, Emmy nominated GOT star's controversial song goes viral

Lilly Allen’s song “Alfie” about Alfie Allen has gone viral once again.

Sister, Lily wrote a song for his brother revealing the secrets of his life. The song portrays Alfie as a drug addict who smokes weed day and night. The album was her debut album in the year 2006. The song was named “Alfie”.

Lilly revealed nobody knew her before this song. She also shared Alfie wasn’t very happy about the song. Well, a sister naming an entire song after you and pointing out your flaws. We can’t blame him; anybody would be infuriated.

But who knows, perhaps the viral song was lucky for Alfie and his career. The actor is currently working on several projects. We may soon see him as Finkel in a movie called Jojo rabbit and Jon Kite in How To build a Girl.

Emmy nominated- Alfie Allen

As of now, the actor is nominated for an Emmy and his sister is immensely proud. Along with him, Maisie Williams, Gwendoline Christie, Lena Headey,  and Sophie Turner. In fact, the Hit HBO series Game of Thrones has a total of thirty-two nominations. Thereby, it is leading with the maximum number of Emmy nominations.

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