Alita: Battle Angel 2 Release Date Revealed by Lead Rosa Salazar, Disney-Fox Merger is Delaying the Sequel

Alita Battle Angel 2 Release Date Revealed by Lead Rosa Salazar, Disney-Fox Merger is Delaying the Sequel

Alita: Battle Angel 2 release date has not been confirmed and it is about to be around a year since the movie came out in theaters. Rosa Salazar did a great job of portraying half-human and half-robot cyborg Alita and fans slowly started to appreciate the movie. There has been a tremendous increase in fans demanding Alita: Battle Angel sequel after they saw the movie on digital media, DVD and Blu-Rays.

Fans have also started a petition and asked Disney to start working on the Alita sequel. However, there are several business aspects why the Alita 2 movie is delayed and actress Rosa Salazar herself has revealed why Alita: Battle Angel 2 is not confirmed or announced, and what is the reason for delay.

Rosa Salazar on Alita: Battle Angel Sequel Announcement

Rosa Salazar on Alita Battle Angel Sequel Announcement 

Rosa Salazar in a recent interview discussed about the future of ‘Alita: Battle Angel 2’ and shared important information about the movie sequel. The actress mentioned that Disney and Fox merger could be a major reason why the sequel is getting delayed. The two companies completed their deal last March 20, around a month after Valentine’s day premier of Alita: Battle Angel.

It won’t be the right time to ask about Alita: Battle Angel 2 as there is a lot of stuff going with the Disney-Fox merger. The amount of movies and TV franchises involved in the whole merger has such a high magnitude that several projects will take time for entering production. The Walt Disney Studios will now handle everything about Alita sequel and fans have to wait a little longer.

Apart from the Disney and Fox merger, the box-office performance of Alita: Battle Angel is another reason for the movie to delay. The theatrical release collected over $404 million with the domestic (United States) gross share only at $85 million and it could be Alita: Battle Angel sequel is doubtful.

Alita: Battle Angel 2 Trailer and Release Date

Alita Battle Angel 2 Trailer and Release Date

Alita: Battle Angel sequel will come out for sure because the movie has recently gotten a lot popular after releasing on Fox cable network. Twitter users has started a hashtag #AlitaSequel and also the change.org petition has now reached over 133,000 signatures. The earlier we get Alita: Battle Angel 2 trailer is sometimes in 2022 and a delayed release date of 2023-24.

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