Always Be My Maybe : The Netflix Rom-Com Will Make You Fall in Love Again


Netflix’s new romantic comedy, Always Be My Maybe is now available for streaming. The movie stars stand-up comedian Ali Wong and Randall Park in lead roles.

Always Be My Maybe: A modern- day love-story with humorous twists

Always Be My Maybe: The Netflix Rom-Com Will Make You Fall in Love Again

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Who on the earth will not be knowing about Ali Wong. A poignant stand-up comedian whose wits and humor will make you fall from your couch while laughing.  The movie, Always Be My Maybe brought up her convincing acting skills with her scented wits on table.

Set in the backdrop of California, the story line revolves around Sasha Tran ( Wong), a  celebrity chef and Marcus Kim, a full-time stoner who part-time repairs air conditioners. Perhaps, the Sasha-Marcus affair is not like the standard rom-com, we have grown watching in our homes.

But it chronicles the story of every relationship that has gone through some shits in the past and still, gave themselves a second chance. It plainly asks us all, what happens when the person we love has grown into someone we might not ever recognize.

Wong has herself co-penned the story along with her co-star Randall Park, and Michael Golamco. While  Nahnatchka Khan has done the direction part very well.

The Sasha-Marcus story begins over a soup-date over which young Marcus and Sasha vow to become best friends for life. Unfortunately, the two lose contact after high school. They both, however move on with their lives.

After a successful career as a chef, Sarah gets engaged to Brandon. Her life with Brandon is a not-so-happy affair. He typically has all the traits of a rom-com antagonist. She is with him only because she doesn’t want to be left alone to deal with her miserable life.

Sasha’s only break from her dull-iced life is her secretory Veronica. They are the modern day best-friends that make fun of people together. The duo shares everything together. They complain freely about their lives, as well the men class, they are being surrounded with.


Somehow, we too are the Sasha and Marcus of our lives

The story moves further with reunion of Sasha and Marcus. At first, they seem to be quite cold to each other. But after a series of happy flashbacks, Sasha tries to bring back Marcus into her life.

Park did justice with his role as Marcus. He seemed pretty convincing. A man neither  filled with so much of self-pity nor too damaged to loose his senses.

After they move in together, Sasha could not gulp the fact that Marcus has completely given upon himself. He has changed and unfortunately, for the worst. Marcus feels the same about her. Meanwhile, he criticizes her for being too analytical and money-minded. Always Be My Maybe explores their down-troughs and how they come out of them together.


Always Be My Maybe: The strengths and shortcomings

Always Be My : The Netflix Rom-Com Will Make You Fall in Love Again

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The movie has a sharp touch of wit under the bed of lighter romance. The movie focuses more towards the Asian-American culture, which is quite peculiar of itself. Since Netflix is full of English-American users, it is a big dare to spotlight two Asian-Americans in the movie.

The lead pair of Wong and Park shares an active yet energetic chemistry. They seem to be impossibly charming together. They portrayed the characters of the millennium generation. And believe me- they landed perfectly in their rolls.

The movie lacks in addressing some of the major characters. The role of Brandon and Sasha’s parents seem to be undercooked. It could have been better.

Guess what, the movie also delivers an extended cameo from Keanu Reeves.

So this weekend, open you Netflix and chill while watching Always Be My Maybe.

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