Amanda Eller who was lost in a forest in Hawaii found after 17 days

Amanda Eller who was lost in a forest in Hawaii found after 17 days-1

Amanda Eller was nowhere to be seen, it had been 17 days. Thousands of volunteers were searching for her. Jungles and streams  of Hawaii near the last location of her car were being looked in to thoroughly but with no luck.

Everybody was giving out their best efforts to find Amanda Eller, in the forests of Hawaii but to no avail. She just wasn’t visible anywhere and people were losing hope. It was almost like she was gone and could never be found.

In hopes of finding her and in a way to extend the best possible help, Amanda’s family announced a reward. They were going to offer $50,000 to anybody who would find her. This news came on Friday and an hour later, Amanda was found in the forest of Hawaii.

She was dirty looking, she had definitely lost a lot of weight but it was a relief that she was alive.

Amanda Eller who was lost in a forest in Hawaii found after 17 days

Amanda when found. Source: ABC News

What did Amanda Eller have to say?

“I wanted to give up,” Amanda who is 35 years old, said.  “But the only option I had was life or death.”

Amanda Eller is a physiotherapist. She also teaches yoga. She said that she had lost her way in the Forest. It felt like the northern side of Maui on the 8th of May but she didn’t know that she would get lost. She thought that she was on a 3-mile hike but what it later turned out to be was 2 weeks of survival in a deadly forest.

The forest is in excess of 2,000 sections of land and is encompassed by thousands additional sections of land of thick backwoods brimming with soak gorges, volcanic rock, monster plants and thick vegetation that frequently should be hacked with machetes.

Amanda Eller had proposed to go on a short trail walk, one she had done previously. She went off the way at one point to rest, and when she continued climbing, she got lost.

Amanda Eller who was lost in a forest in Hawaii found after 17 days

Amanda in the hospital. Source: Fox 13 News

Where was she found?

Amanda Eller was found near a stream way deep inside the forest. She was not in prime health and was in dire need of hospitalization she was alive though. The rescue workers said that she was in an area that is very dangerous. She was straightaway taken to a hospital and was put in good care.

“I am forever indebted and overwhelmed by the number of people that came out to help me,” Amanda Eller said. “It was pretty miraculous.”
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