Amazon airs The Boys showing superheroes who turn bad and greedy

Amazon airs The Boys showing superheroes who turn bad and greedy

Superhero’s have existed ever since human’s started using its imaginative power. We are often found hiding our weakness by creating an idol, all knowing and capable being, who can conquer over all that is evil. Although, as we grow up we realize that it’s all just a fantasy. A way of suppressing our dark sides. However, have you ever wondered whether hero’s have a dark, mean side to their nature? Amazon’s new web television series The Boys, shows the superhero’s who have turned bad and greedy. The cast of the show is bound to catch you off guard!

Amazon airs The Boys showing superheroes who turn bad and greedy

These heroes will beat the bad heroes of today!
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Amazon’s The Boys: storyline

Existence of a super-naturally powerful being, who caters justice to all is a world famous myth. However, what will humans do if their savior turns into a corrupt monster with an insatiable greed of fame and fortune.

Sounds temping and enticing? Well the Amazon’s new web television series storyline revolves around such hero’s and those who will straighten them. Dubbed as The Boys, the show is a dark comedy adaptation of a comic book series.

The show is destined to debut on 26th July of this year, and the show looks quite confident about receiving great positive feedback. No, the show did not say anything regarding its expectations, but actions speak louder than words.

Even before the first season of the series got premiered, the show dived into the production of its next installment. However, the cast of the show is bound to give them enough strong background support to take such a bold step.

Cast of the show is revealed!

Amazon airs The Boys showing superheroes who turn bad and greedy

The wait is almost over!
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The show is featured by Karl Urban as the leader of The Boys as Billy Butcher. Elisabeth Shue is acting as a top worker at Vought International under the name Madelyn Stillwell. While Laz Alonso and Tomer Kapon stars as African-American and French members of Amazon’s The Boys.

Karen Fukuhara is brutal female member and Jack Quaid is an accidental member who joins after his girlfriend’s death. The patriotic leader of The Seven, ie.. Homelander is played by Antony Starr while A-Train’s character is taken up by Jessie Usher.

The show is also starred by Laz Alonso, Chace Crawford, Nathan Mitchell, Erin Moriarty and Dominique McElligott.

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