Amazon Black Friday Hack: Tips and Tricks to get 20% Extra Discount at Amazon

Amazon Black Friday Hack Tips and Tricks to get 20% Extra Discount at Amazon

Black Friday deals offer a lot of savings and you can get discounts on every item purchased during the sale. But do you think you have saved enough money or are there ways you can even have some extra savings on top of the deals? We have found out the best Black Friday hack for Amazon where you can get extra discounts of 7 to 8% on top of the regular discounts.

The method involves some cashback and points and by following simple tips and tricks, you can save a huge chunk of money. Here is how you can do the Amazon Black Friday hack in the sale and get 8% extra discount or $15 cashback on every item purchased. Make sure to follow each and every step of the process to get the Black Friday hack discounts.

TopCashback 10% Cashback on Amazon Black Friday 2020

TopCashback 10% Cashback on Amazon Black Friday 2019

TopCashback service is offering a 8% or $15 discount on Amazon devices like Echo smart speakers and displays, Fire TV sticks, Fire HD tablets and Kindle e-readers. You can simply make an account on TopCashback by simply entering your name, email and other information and there are no membership charges. After that, you have to click on TopCashback page for Amazon, which will take you through a regular Amazon page and you can shop for whatever item you need.

It is important not to use ad-blocker during the process as the purchases might not get logged in. Every normal Amazon cashback from a debit card or credit card won’t be affected and TopCashback will offer an additional 10% cashback along with an exclusive offer on using the service.

Amazon Visa Card 20% Cashback on Black Friday Sales

Amazon Visa Card 20% Cashback on Black Friday Sales

Amazon Prime Visa Card offers an additional 5% rebate on every purchase made and in the 2020 Black Friday sale, the cashback can be increased by 15% on selected items. The extra cashback through Amazon visa card are available on items such as Roku-Canon cameras, Samsung Galaxy smartphones, musical instruments, furniture, etc. By using the above two mentioned methods, the price of any item can be bought down in the Amazon Black Friday 2020 sale.


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