Amazon Game Studios to recreate Lord of the Rings MMO

Amazon to co-produce Lord of the Rings MMO

Amazon Game Studios is co-producing Lord of the Rings MMO based on the legendary J.R.R Tolkien book and movie. For the project, they are partnering with Chinese publisher Leyou Technologies Holdings. However, the perk’s that it is a free-to-play multiplayer online game experience. Giving the players the gist of the Middle Earth ages before the Trilogy.

Athlon games collaboration with Amazon for the MMO!!

Athlon games, a Leyou subsidiary, proclaimed the title last year itself. However, the confederate is out to be Amazon which was not out then. Athlon’s announcement last fall stated that the MMO is posed around the ages before the occurrence of The Lord of the Rings. Exploring the lands unexplored and creatures unknown to the fans.

More Details on the new Middle-Earth MMO from lotr

Although, there is a Lord of the Rings MMO, by the name Lord of the Rings Online and is ancient by MMO standards.

Contrary to the Amazon one, it’s based on Tolkien’s trilogy giving an insight of the Middle earth while all the chaos was happening. The look of the ancient Lord of the Rings Online is right here.

The lord of the rings MMO

All about The Lord of the Rings MMO !!

Although the MMO sounds like Amazon’s awaited Lord of the Rings TV series, portraying the time before Trilogy. However, Amazon denies the fact of the two being related in any way. The MMO was out in 2018 when Athlon games allianced with Middle Earth enterprise. Yet Amazon wasn’t up at that time. Well, as far as the announcement by now, game details are yet to come.

[POLL] If the upcoming LOTR MMO has factions would you play as the dark or light side? from MMORPG

Nevertheless, the MMO team will have, the developers from Amazon’s other MMO, New World, which is still in the making. New World is a Sandbox MMO and hopefully is system driven.

Well as far as now, The Lord of the Rings MMO is not having an official name. Hence, the date of release is sure to be quiet late. For the gamers, the news is quite upsetting. Nevertheless, with the two giants coming together to create a great gaming experience, it would be worth waiting for.

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