Amazon Prime Day sale offers great benefits to Amazon Prime Pantry subscribers

Amazon Prime Pantry subscribers would enjoy great discounts on Prime Day

The 5th annual Amazon Prime Day is going to start on July 15th upto July 16th and there’s special news for Pantry subscribers. Amazon is giving unbelievable deals already on their Prime day but Prime Pantry is getting a host of other benefits.

Amazon Prime day best deals (July 2019) with complete detail and price from deals

What is Amazon Prime Pantry

Prime Pantry is a sub service of Amazon who have a host of daily use products not available anywhere else on Amazon. Amazon is giving away Pantry exclusive coupons this Prime Day to give additional discounts.

The store includes toiletries, soft drinks, cleaning supplies, food items and every other household item you can imagine. The items are available on a single buy basis so there’s no need for unnecessary subscription. The flat delivery fee is $5.99 irrespective of how big or small the order. So the delivery fee fades out when you shop big.

Amazon Prime Day: Prime Pantry benefits

New subscribers of Amazon Prime Pantry now enjoy a 30-day free trial. The free trial includes all shipping free on orders above $10. There’s also an extra $10 discount on orders above $40 for the first orders on Amazon Prime Pantry. Just apply the code “PANTRY” at checkout and there you go.

The users pay a nominal fee of $4.99 per month for a Amazon Prime Pantry membership post first month. Non subscribers have to pay $5.99 per order on Pantry. Subscriptions can be opted out very easily too.

The Prime month of July also brings happiness to non Pantry members. All the regular Prime members enjoy free membership on orders above $25 until July 31. Pantry members get free of cost delivery on all orders this month.

Amazon Fresh members also enjoy free delivery on orders above $35 so Pantry membership isn’t important for them.

Amazon Prime Pantry subscribers would enjoy great discounts on Prime Day

Kindle Unlimited will feature discounts on Prime Day. Image : 9to5toys

So, subscribing to Amazon Pantry or Amazon Fresh is a good option right now looking at the discounts this month. The Prime Day will also bring substantial discounts on Amazon Kindle, Audible and Music Unlimited. This Prime Day will also be a good market for tech savvies.

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