Ana De Armas, Rege-Jean Page Dating Rumors: Bond Girl trying to Find Love after Ben Affleck Breakup

Ana De Armas, Rege-Jean Dating Rumors: Bond Girl trying to Find Love after Ben Affleck Breakup
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Ana De Armas and Rege-Jean Page’s dating rumors have been the latest talk of the town in the Hollywood tabloids and gossip columns. Ever since Ana de Armas has broken up with Ben Affleck, the Bond girl is trying to find love in others. There are reports in OK! magazine which states that Ana is setting her eyes on the latest Hollywood hunk and Rege-Jean is her new love interest.

It seems that De Armas and Page are working together for the Netflix thriller “The Gray Man” alongside Chris Evans and Ryan Gosling, and it has brought them very close to each other. Here is more on Ana De Armas, Rege-Jean Page dating rumors and the possible truth about all those reports.

Ana De Armas is Trying to Find Love in Rege-Jean Page after Breakup with Ben Affleck

Ana De Armas is very excited to work with Rege-Jean Page in “The Gray Man” and she thinks it will be a perfect opportunity for them to start their romance. Ana knows that Rege is gorgeous but what she likes most is that he comes from a rich cultural background like her, so they have a lot in common.

Even though Page and Emily Brown are a couple, things are not that serious between them and De Armas believes there is no harm in some friendly flirting. Ana de Armas was in a relationship with Ben Affleck for the past few months and she is newly single and wants to explore the dating market before settling down.

Ana De Armas, Rege-Jean Page Dating Rumors and Real Truth

Ana De Armas, Rege-Jean Page dating rumors are not confirmed and it is just the tabloids shipping two co-stars, which is very common. Also, Page and Emily Brown are in a stable relationship where they are perfectly happy with each other and hence the story doesn’t even make sense. The gossip circle has always been clinging to Ana de Armas ever since she and Ben Affleck became a couple and they are not leaving her even after their breakup.

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