Android 11 Release Date, New Features: Connectivity, Security, Permission and More Updates

Android 11 Developer Preview shows Connectivity, Security, Permission and More Features

Android 11 is the next OS update from Google and a lot of details and features are already out about it. Google accidentally put up the developer preview of Android 11 on its official website which was later taken down. But tech experts were quick enough to save every detail and all the new features about the next Android update were revealed.

The search engine giant later had no option but to officially release Android 11 developer preview and here are more details on the connectivity, security, permission and other features in the update.

Android 11 Preview and New Features

Android 11 Preview and New Features

Android 11 Connectivity Features: Google has made the API for 5G connectivity much better and enhanced it so that users can quickly check the upstream and downstream bandwidth. The API can now also provide higher quality resolution by consuming more data if the network is strong enough to provide unmetered data. Android 11 can easily switch between cellular data and WiFi without dropping the connection.

Android 11 Permission Updates: The latest Android update will now offer one-time permission to users for using applications like location, camera, and even microphone. Android 11 will enable one-time permission under the hood as a temporary access. The application could access data until the user stops or closes it and the app will have to request access again for the next time.

Android 11 Security Measures: Google Play has updated the privacy policy and it will offer a much safer location and other access. Android 11 security will make sure that the apps will only ask for access to any service when they genuinely needs it. The biometrics and other security measures will also be made safer in the Android 11 update.

Android 11 New Features: The upcoming Android update will bring in new features such as screen recording, Quick settings file and dark theme changing based on day and night time.

Android 11 Release Date and Supported Smartphones

Android 11 Release Date and Supported Smartphones

Android 11 release date is expected to be announced by Google very soon along with the list of supported devices. There are some reports claiming that Android 11 will be launched on May 12, 2020 and the full version will start to roll out from October 2020. Google Pixel Series, OnePlus and Samsung flagships will be the first smartphones to receive the Android 11 update.

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