Android 11 Rumors: Dessert Name, Release Date and New Features for the 2020 Android R Operating System

Android 11 Rumors Release Date and New Features

Android 11 R will be the next operating system for the majority of smartphones running on Android OS. Although it has just been three months since the Android 10 released and most of the devices are yet to be updated, it doesn’t mean Android 11 is not in works.

Every type of software or hardware product is in development for years before it is released in public and hence it is not early to talk about the Android 11 R. Here is every rumor we know about the title, release date, specs, new features for the 2020 Android 11 R operating system.

Android 11 Rumors, Dessert Name and Release Date

Android 11 Rumors and Release DateGoogle has recently dropped the naming convention of Android version based on desserts and while Android 9 P was called Android Pie, there is still no official name for Android 10 Q. It doesn’t stop people from giving it their own titles and some are already calling Android R as Raspberry which is an ode to the Raspberry Pi computers.

Android 11 will have the release date of Summer 2020 for beta version in Google Pixel phones and the rest of the top smartphones will get the update around August 2020. There are some rumors which predict that Android 11 won’t release all the new features in one go and will provide them over regular updates to solve the bug issues, something which Apple is also planning for their next iOS 14.

Android 11 Features and Specs

Android 11 Features and Specs

Android 11 plans to offer the more refined version of scoped storage which will make every process faster and more secure. The same function is available in Android 10 Q, but the plans are to optimize it more and assure higher privacy to the users.

Scoped storage function allows any of the applications to create a separate folder for their usage which cannot be accessed by any other app, making it secure and safe from any privacy threats. It won’t require any user permission to read, write or override anything, making the whole process very faster.

Also, the XDA developers have revealed that the source code of Android 11 will have new features for Bluetooth, making it more secure and it won’t disconnect in Airplane mode.

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