Angelina Jolie Dating Rumours: Bradley Cooper Or Cambodian Mystery Man? Or Not Ready For Love After Brad Pitt?

Angelina Jolie Health Rumors- Actress Starving herself to Trouble Brad Pitt after Divorce
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Angelina Jolie moved on from Brad Pitt years ago. However, gossip mongers allege that the Salt actress is not ready to find love yet. Apparently, Jolie is having a hard time finding love because of her long list of issues. As a matter of fact, she mentioned this herself during her interview.

Let’s not jump to conclusions as yet. It doesn’t really mean that she’s not ready for love. The Eternals actress is simply focusing her energy on raising her six children and ensuring that her career would keep blossoming even in the years to come.

Angelina Jolie And Bradley Cooper

There has been a slew of rumors regarding Jolie’s relationship status in recent months. Some tabloids have been claiming that the actress is already dating. In September, the Maleficent star was linked to Bradley Cooper. Back then, the story was that the actor snuck into Jolie’s house to make sure that no one would see him.

A Cambodian And A Mystery Man

In August, rumour was that Jolie has a boyfriend from Cambodia. Reportedly, Angelina and PraCh have a special bond. They’re perfect for each other. PraCh is a great role model for Maddox. He can teach him about his homeland of Cambodia in a way he can relate to. That’s because both Maddox and PraCh were born in Cambodia, but didn’t grow up there.

Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie Divorce Rumors: Couple to Settle down things with Mutual Agreement

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Additionally, weeks earlier, another tabloid claimed that Jolie is dating a mystery man. Word is she’s been on a few outings with a handsome man who’s come into her life. He has allegedly impressed her enough to stick around and see where it leads.

All Lies And Fake News

Truth be told, none of these rumors are true. Jolie herself said that she hasn’t dated anyone since her divorce from Pitt. After all, the actress opted to focus on her six children after her split from the Once Upon A Time In Hollywood actor.

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