Angelina Jolie, Diplo Dating Rumors: Angie’s Son Pax is Setting up Relationship with the DJ

Angelina Jolie, Diplo Dating Rumors: Angie's Son Pax is Setting up Relationship with the DJ
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Angelina Jolie and Diplo’s dating rumors are making headlines once again with a new twist to the story this time. As per the latest reports in Woman’s Day magazine, Angie’s son Pax who is a budding DJ himself is trying to set his mother with DJ Diplo.

The story sounds very absurd but Diplo recently posted a photo of Angelina Jolie on his Instagram story and that has fuelled a lot of rumors about the two of them dating. Jolie has been single ever since her divorce from Brad Pitt and the source claims that Diplo is exactly her type. Here is more on Angelina Jolie, Diplo dating rumors and the possible truth behind Pax setting up the relationship.

Pax is Setting Up Angelina Jolie and Diplo’s Relationship

Angelina Jolie and Diplo were introduced to each other by the former’s 17-year-old son Pax who is trying to become a DJ himself. Pax thinks that he would get to learn a lot of Diplo and he would also make a positive influence on Angelina who is trying to find love ever since Brad Pitt exited out of her life.

Diplo has a history of dating Hollywood celebrities including Katy Perry and Kate Hudson, and hence it won’t be a surprise if the songwriter decides to make a move for Angelina Jolie. Pax is only the connecting link between Angie and Diplo and the rest of the things between their relationship could even proceed naturally.

Angelina Jolie, Diplo Dating Rumors and Real Truth

Angelina Jolie, Diplo dating rumors have still not been proven as there is no proof of the celebs going on secret dates apart from one Instagram photo. Further, Pax being a DJ and having a connection to Diplo is also a very far stretch as Angelina mentioned that in an interview around 5 years ago and there are no developments on that. The tabloids have been constantly making Angelina Jolie dating rumors with any random celeb and it holds no truth at all.

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