Angelina Jolie Health Rumors: Actress Starving herself to Trouble Brad Pitt after Divorce

Angelina Jolie Health Rumors- Actress Starving herself to Trouble Brad Pitt after Divorce
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Angelina Jolie’s health rumors have made headlines in the tabloids and gossip columns lately with claims that the actress is starving herself to get revenge on Brad Pitt. As per the ‘Globe’ magazine reports, Jolie is not eating anything to get attention from Pitt amid the divorce and custody battle. It has been almost five years since Angelina and Brad applied for divorce and the legal battle has taken a toll on both families.

The source adds that Jolie is losing the fight and along with that, she is losing her weight and appetite too. Angie has just reduced to 90 pounds and she looks like a skeleton so that he can hurt Brad and make him feel bad. Here is more on Angelina Jolie health rumors and the possible truth behind the reports of the actress starving herself to trouble Brad Pitt.

Angelina Jolie is Starving herself to Trouble Brad Pitt

Angelina Jolie knows that even though she and Brad Pitt are long separate, he can never see her in such a bad condition. Brad has always hated when Angie didn’t eat and helped her to take better care of herself. It is why Jolie has started to starve herself so that Pitt feels guilty and thinks he made her like this. It will also help Angie to gain sympathy and Brad might give up the custody and some extra dollars so that she takes care of her health and the kids too.

Angelina Jolie Health Rumors and Real Truth

Angelina Jolie health rumors of the actress starving herself are not true and they have already been debunked before. It is true that Jolie and Pitt are still fighting the custody battle, but that doesn’t mean she will resort to such cheap tactics. Also, the recent images of Angelina Jolie show that the actress looks fit and fine, she has not lost weight or looks like a skeleton and hence the claims are just fake news and fans should not believe in them.

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