Angelina Jolie is the Worst Neighbour with Spoiled Kids


After separation with Brad, Angelina Jolie has become a single mother and the responsibility of their kids is forfeited towards her. Recently, it was reported that she was named  the “neighbor from hell” in their exclusive community.

It was also claimed that her kids have become a nightmare for everyone living in the community.

A report claims that she did not prove to be a good mother for her kids. She was unable to control her six kids. The kids shouted and screamed during the whole quarantine. The neighbors were very annoyed from the disturbances caused by her kids.

Noise travels and they are cranking up the music at night, shouting and having a great time this quarantine.

But for the neighbors it is not funny and think it’s rude.

As claimed above, Jolie’s kid always shout and it is becoming worse this time. It was suggested that Pax, Maddox, Shiloh, Knox, Vivienne, Zahara have nothing to do just to scream all day long.

According to a source, Angelina grew up in the same environment in which she is raising her kids. She thinks that there is nothing wrong about it. That’s the reason behind the hatred she is experiencing from her neighbors.

Truth behind these claims

A reputed source debunked this story because the report does not make any sense. The source mentioned that the house area of Angelina Jolie’s residence is 2 acre and their house covers 11000 square feet space.

Their house is surrounded by plenty of trees, so there is no way voice can travel a lengthy distance and reach to their neighbors. Someone close to Angelina also busted the rumors and called it absolutely pointless.

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