Angelina Jolie, Mickey Rourke Dating Rumours: “Maleficent” Actress Caught Kissing Fellow Actor

Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie has been tabloids’ favorite when it comes to stirring up romance rumours. The Changeling actress has led a single life ever since she got separated from Brad Pitt. But gossip columns have trouble accepting celebs leading single parent lives. Therefore, the rumour mongers try so hard to ship these single celebs with their other single peers. And sometimes even with not-so-single fellow actors.

This time Jolie has been linked to action star Mickey Rourke. This piece of gossip is creating ripples in media as the Salt actress is said to be caught kissing Rourke. Apparently, a revenge romance is brewing between the fellow actors.

Angelina Jolie Has A New Man In Her Life?

Angelina Jolie is allegedly giving up her single card and dipping her toe back into the dating pool. The actress was reportedly caught kissing Rourke. And a photo of the two sharing a smooch was shared as proof of a blossoming romance between the two.

Jolie is supposedly seeking revenge against her ex-husband, Brad Pitt. It was said that the actress wants to hook up with someone close to her former spouse. Although Rourke is not exactly her type, it was reported that Jolie knows it will get Brad riled up.

The Truth About Jolie-Rourke ‘Kiss’

The picture used as evidence where Rourke and Jolie shared a kiss is a decade old. As a matter of fact, the peck took place at the Academy Awards in 2009!

Back in those days, Mickey had become infamous for his behaviour towards his female counterparts. In the Independent Spirit Awards, he literally had his hands full as he did his best to feel up Jessica Alba. And at the Oscars, Rourke tried to do the same to Angelina Jolie, coming up to her and grabbing her neck as if he was about to ravage her.

Additionally, Rourke is has been dating Russian Model Anastassija Makarenko for the last 11 years, so the actor isn’t even single.

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