Angelina Jolie, Tom Cruise Rumors: Did the Actress Rejected Tom’s ‘Indecent proposal’?


Did Angelina Jolie just got a proposal from Tom Cruise and chose to reject him? Well, if it’s true, this doesn’t happen every day. Jolie and Cruise hardly have any history together, so it is a little hard to believe at first instance.

Cruise’s Embarrassing Phone Call

One of the sources reported a perplexing story. According to this story, Cruise presented a “dating opportunity” to Jolie over a call. The only evidence that this magazine is relying on is a “pal”. Apparently, Cruise is searching for his fourth bride.

Jolie had other plans on her mind. She politely decline Tom’s offer and told him that her main focus is her kids at the moment. Ouch! That might have hurt a lot. According to this ostensible pal, Cruise thought that the two of them would be great together and now he is hurt.

Does this Indecent Proposal makes sense?

If you all remember Indecent Proposal, Robert Redford offered a million dollars to Moore and Harrelson if More slept with him. But this does not boil down to Cruise’s propositioning stars today. Even if it was so, Jolie is wealthy enough and doesn’t need his money.

Did Cruise Make A Proposal To A Complete Stranger?

We know that Cruise and Jolie are not friends and they were never co-workers also. The two were about to star in a movie Dark Universe which was eventually cancelled. That is the closest that the two have ever got to starring together.

Moreover, Cruise dated both Holmes and Kidman before getting married to them. So it is quite obvious that he will not jump into a marriage with a stranger. The entire story is false and people need more evidence than just a “pal” saying so to believe it.

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