Angelina Jolie using her kids to spy on ex-husband Brad Pitt and his new girlfriend


Is Angelina Jolie using her kids as secret agents to spy on Brad Pitt and Alia Shawkat’s relationship? A source claims that Angelina is using her kids as detectives to spy on her ex.

After a nasty court battle between Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, it seems that both of them have found some common ground. Recently, Pitt was seen leaving Angelina’s house and the kids also visited the actor’s house. However, Angelina is seeing this as an opportunity to spy on her ex.

A source said Angelina is doing the same thing which most of the ex-wives do. She is executing her action with the help of her kids. Especially, when there is involvement of a new women.

The other women, the source is hinting, is Alia Shawkat. She is claimed to be Brad’s new girlfriend. The magazine also claims that Angie wants to know every small thing and every detail about their relationship. It’s not jealously, but she’s trying  to seek  something else.

Are the kids really spying during their visit?

The source asserts  that Jolie continues to use her kids as detectives to gather information on her ex. The truth is that when it comes to parenting their kids, they are in a better place. Rest all are rumors.

Is Jolie the real villain?

Earlier this year, a reputed source debunked the claim that Jolie stopped Pitt from introducing Jennifer Aniston to their kids. The magazine claimed that Jolie has restricted Pitt to introduce her kids to another women until their  divorce is finalized.

We also busted the claim that Angelina was trying to break the relationship of Brad and Jennifer. The magazine claimed that Angelina was jealous of Brad’s relationship and was trying to strike back on him.

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