Animal Kingdom Season 4 will Leave You With Goosebumps: Know the Recap, Plot line and More

Animal Kingdom Season 4 will Leave You With Goosebumps

Stick to your TV screens again, as the famous, Animal Kingdom is back. The Animal Kingdom Season 4 saw it’s premiere at TNT on May 28. The drama- crime series is jam packed with drama, crime, turns and a hell lot of twists, this season.


A new season with new chills and thrills


A short teaser for Animal Kingdom Season 4 was released much earlier. The trailer featured Ellen Barkin playing Smurf, who continues as the bad ass head of Cody clan. She wins the trailer by commenting, “Everything you have… everyone you ever loved… I’m gonna take it all.”

Undoubtedly, she’s not any regular sweet chick to mess with.
The fresh season takes off with the Codys pulling up a hefty robbery. Deran welcomes Adrian in their family business while tension skates heavily between Smurf and Pope.

In all between the havoc, J tries to find segments of his new identity outside of his family roots.

For those who haven’t binge-watched the known TV series yet, here’s a recap. The plot line of Animal Kingdom chronicles is of a 17-year-old boy who had to move to his estranged relatives for a shelter after his mother died. The Codys are the town’s most wanted criminal clan, led by Janine “Smurf” Cody, who single-handedly ruled the whole Cody-empire for years.

Smurf is a protective mother as well as a ruthless queen, who can go beyond limits to protect her family.

Animal Kingdom season 4: a suspense-thriller awaits us all

Animal Kingdom Season 4 will Leave You With Goosebumps: Know the Recap, Plot line and More


There has been lots of guesswork going on for the show. The promo scenes did leave fans with hints for the upcoming season. In trailer, Pope was also seen fighting in a ring. Since, Pop became highly anguished in the previous season. We can speculate the cage fighting to be his escape zone for getting rid of his anger and aching relationship with Smurf.

Moreover, the show will spotlight Adrian, for he was taken off, for boarding a plane with illegal drugs in season 3. It may depict the ending of his surfing career and his finding a suitable place in family’s criminal.

Since, the Codys do not get along with each other much. The season will dig deeper into their relationships and may be, we can see their relations getting better as story progresses.

The show will also see outsiders like Angela, the former best friend of J’s late mother who will try to threaten the already fragile love and peace of the Codys. A new criminal family will also enter their space. With each twist and turn, their mystery and connection with Codys will resolve.

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