Anna Faris, Michael Barrett Wedding Rumors: Couple to have a Virtual Ceremony for Friends

Anna Faris, Michael Barrett Wedding Rumors- Couple to have a Virtual Ceremony for Friends
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Anna Faris and Michael Barrett’s wedding rumors made headlines a while back with a unique twist to the story. One of the tabloids was claiming that Anna and Michael will have a virtual wedding due to the COVID-19 pandemic and their friends will stream the ceremony.

As per the ‘Star’ magazine reports, Faris and her fiancee Barrett won’t let the coronavirus delay their marriage plans and opt for an online wedding like other couples. Here are more details on Anna Faris, Michael Barrett wedding rumors and the possible truth behind the couple having a virtual ceremony.

Anna Faris and Michael Barrett to have a Virtual Wedding Ceremony

Anna Faris and Michael Barrett having a virtual wedding don’t mean that the couple will cut out any festivities. There will be an intimate ceremony with some of the closest friends and family members present, while the rest of the guests will watch it over a live feed.

There will be flowers and music at the venue and Anna will send bottles of champagne to all the guests so they can have a virtual toast. Since most of the couples have delayed their wedding or opted for a virtual ceremony, Anna Faris and Michael Barrett chosen the latter as all they need is each other for their big day.

Anna Faris, Michael Barrett Wedding Rumors and Real Truth

Anna Faris, Michael Barrett virtual wedding rumors are not true as nothing of that sort has happened and it has been more than a year since the reports came out. The whole point of having an online wedding was to not delay the dates in the pandemic, but even after things are open, Anna and Michael are still unmarried.

The tabloids are always making fake stories of celebrity couples getting married without any evidence and fans should take everything with a grain of salt unless there is an official confirmation.

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