Anna Movie Review: Sasha Luss starrer includes Helen Mirren and Luke Evans


After delivering some mega-hits like The Fifth Element, the French director-writer Luc Besson is retaliating back with action-thriller “Anna.”  The last years have not been really easier for Besson. But, every other time, Luc comes up with something different in action genres.

Anna: The action-thrill will resonate with your levels

Anna Movie Review: The New Assassin Actioner Will Give You Some Major Watching Goals

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Besson’s “Anna” captivates audiences from every age-group. The movie has a star-shredded cast, including Helen Mirren and Luke Evans. “Anna” promises a lot of chills and thrills with stunning actions.

Russian supermodel Sasha Luss has successfully channelled her inner assassin as the lead star of Anna. Anna is a typical Besson movie with women living the life of terror yet becoming a hardcore personality in end.

The movie hits theatres with minimal promotions but pivotal talents. The fact of Besson glorifying female characters in his movie doesn’t go really well with his #metoo limbo.  (Besson was charged with rape and assault in 2018.)

Coming back to the movie plot, an undercover organization KGB, recruits Anna to become an assassin. While she poses as a model in a top Parisian modelling agency in the early 1990s.

Evans and Helen have played the role of  Anna’s handlers and committed justice to their roles. Meanwhile, Cillian Murphy is a mean CIA cop who gets to see through her secret identity.

Well-made, Intense, Action-packed and Jaw-dropping

Anna Movie Review: The New Assassin Actioner Will Give You Some Major Watching Goals

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The movie evokes a clever storyline structure. The incidents are unrelated yet provoke a vivid sense of suspense in viewers. The movie starts at somewhere in 1985 and directly rolls in 1990. Anna is here seen, struggling with her modelling life.

The movie has successfully employed elements of action, emotion and thrills,  enabling a greater triumph of the movie in theatres. Another major inspiration in the movie is the set-pieces. There is a restaurant scene where Anna chases and kills goons and comes out with no dread on her face.

However, there are some minor direction defaults. But an amazing acting pitch and superb screenplays certainly conceal them.

Watching Anna surely not feels like an infantile experience, rather it talks about the possibilities of having female icons in our mainstream cinema. The movie never fails to amaze at any of the action scenes.

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