Another life: If science fiction doesn’t kill you, good news! You’ve got a Netflix show to chill

Another Life on Netflix

Aaron Martin’s “Another Life” in the sci-fi genre is hitting Netflix on 25th of July. The show will cast Katee Sackhoff and Salma Blair along with Samuel Anderson and Jake Able.  In addition, many other popular faces are going to appear on the screen.

Niko Breckinridge, the mission commander is none other than Katee Sackhoff who is going to lead the series.

“Another life” - If science fiction doesn’t kill you, good news! You got a Netflix to chill

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Katee Sackhoff from Battlestar Galactica

The trailer visualizes a lot of action grieving scenes by the main character Niko. She is going to track down every alien threat attempts inside the deep space. The trailer crawls with the camera through extreme gunfights and scary disasters. However, an alien’s perceiving threat to human existence is going to be a nail-biting one.

As from the trailer released, the characters will perceive a threat that is nail-biting. Breckinridge’s last dialogue till the curtain draws “The mission cannot and will not fail”. And now Katee returns to the world of Sci-fi from the same genre “Battlestar Galactica”.

Another Life: Plot of alien drama series

The story revolves around the mysterious alien invasion on the planet Earth. While Niko will gear up every possibility to lead the interstellar mission. On the other hand, her husband tries to invade the artefact on making their steps towards the earth.

They claim that this could be a first humanoid mission towards the planet of origin.

“Another life” - If science fiction doesn’t kill you, good news! You got a Netflix to chill

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On behalf of writing a note, Another Life will explore what lies behind the miracles of life. As far as humans are concerned, this team will take any step to save the planet Earth and their families. However, this series is kind of a dopey science fiction marking a label of the late 2000s. But it looks like it won’t fit the perfect facture like the Battlestar Galactica or Expanse.

Another Life will venture every aspect of fun-loving characters and obviously a hook for diversions. And fans are waiting for the series to get on the screen and a few expectations.

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