Anthony Joshua vs Andy Ruiz Jr: Saudi Arabia Rematch will be brutal

Anthony Joshua attains leaner physique ahead of his rematch with Andy Ruiz Jr

The former WBA, IBF, WBO triple heavyweight champion Anthony Joshua has a Plan B in store for his rematch with Andy Ruiz later this year. The rematch is now confirmed to happen in Saudi Arabia on December 7 and Joshua is leaving no stone unturned in preps.

Two months since Andy Ruiz handed a shock defeat to Anthony Joshua, a lot has changed for Joshua. The defeat was as much a shock to Anthony Joshua himself as to the boxing fans and critics alike. And Joshua knows what this rematch meand for his career.

Anthony Joshua now leaner and more agile

At the time of his fight with Ruiz in June, Joshua weighed an astonishing 247.5 pounds. Clearly it was Anthony Joshua’s plan to match Ruiz for power and give him a taste of his medicine. But a few lusty blows and three title losses later, Joshua has realised much.

Anthony Joshua attains leaner physique ahead of his rematch with Andy Ruiz Jr

Joshua became bulkier ahead of his first match against Ruiz. Image : Metro

The Brit now knows there are few who can match Ruiz for power game. Moreover it’s important to capitalise on your own strengths than try to match your opponent. So Joshua now has cut a lot of muscle and become a whole lot leaner.

All that in a bid to become more agile and fight Ruiz for quick reflexes. His Snapchat reveals a sudden and hard-worked change that clearly shows how drastically he has transformed.

Fans in shock after Joshua’s quick transformation

Many fans were worried that with opting for a rematch with Ruiz so soon, Joshua is now deprived of enough time for preps. But with the sudden change in his physique, it’s visible how Joshua is working really hard to win his titles back.

Fans expectedly noticed the change and flooded Twitter with positive reactions. They all agreed that Joshua is now looking like a boxer and not like a bodybuilder. It’s now for everyone to see if Joshua’s plan B works out as anticipated. If it doesn’t, it would be so difficult to reach the heights he once did.

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