Anti Donald Trump Rally had a Humorous Robot at Trafalgar Square

Anti Donald Trump Rally had a Humorous Robot at Trafalgar Square

A mocking statue of Donald Trump on a golden toilet has been adorning the middle of Trafalgar Square for the sake of No Trump Protest in United Kingdom.

Donald Trump and the talking robot

Anti Trump Rally in UK has Risen: Activists Install a Humorous Robot at Trafalgar Square

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The talking Robot statue is 16 feet tall. The humorous robot puts an avenging satire on US president. It depicts Trump sitting on a toilet seat with his pants around the ankles while he’s tweeting from toilet.

Activists will be gathering around Central London in high numbers to protest against the arrival of US president in state. Although patrolling police will be present on the spot to garner any illegitimate activity. So the protest has to wait a little more for a rigid demonstration.

Anti Donald Trump Rally had a Humorous Robot at Trafalgar Square

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Opposition leader, Jeremy Corbyn has supported the activists while symbolizing Trump as a mugger who’s been attacking round the world.
Even the Labor Leader has refused the invitation of Monday’s evening to mark the visiting ceremony of Donald Trump.

Moreover, the Green Party and the Liberal Democrats will also be joining the Labor Leader in his move against Donald Trump.
Besides the Drowning Street, protests are also being planned in the states of Oxford, Sheffield, Edinburgh, Birmingham, Exeter and Glasgow.

What has happened at the royal palace so far?

Anti Donald Trump Rally had a Humorous Robot at Trafalgar Square

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The protests come after a day of arrival of Donald Trump at the Royal Buckingham Palace. Amidst all the chaos, Donald Trump has tweeted his trip to be going really well and praised the royal family to be very heart-warming and fantastic. He didn’t stop here and gave a minute pep-talk from his twitter account on spirit of dignity, patriotism and duty proudly shown by royal hearts.

Meanwhile, the Queen addressed the relationship between the two countries and spotlighted the fact that the two countries are simultaneously facing new challenges of 21st century. Yes, you guessed it right. The Queen was talking about the Brexit challenge.

Trump called the Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan a stone cold loser and also misspelled his last name during one of the posts. Besides their individual thanks-givings to respective countries, the two leaders co-hosted a business breakfast meeting.

It consisted of the senior business leaders of the two countries and was held on Tuesday morning. While in the evening, the US delegates will host a dinner at Regent’s Park, along with Donald Trump and First Lady.

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