Antoine Griezmann out to justify his $134m tag at Barcelona

Antoine Griezzman out to justify his $134m tag at Barcelona

FC Barcelona have finally opted for the services of Frenchman Antoine Griezmann at a fair enough price of $134m. The former Atletico Madrid winger, Antoine Griezmann was also the major part of France’s world cup winning squad. So, his welcome will be expected to be grand at Camp Nou.

Antoine Griezmann: An unusual welcome for the star acquisition

Expectations are not looking like fulfilling in terms of welcoming Antoine Griezmann though. The ground at Camp Nou is getting relaid and fans aren’t allowed to enter. He also not a favorite among Barca fans due to his spat with Barcelona a year ago.

With the transfer of Antoine Griezmann, Barcelona has spent 1,08 billion euros since the 2014/15 season, more than any other club. from soccer

The skilled playmaker hence will be out to prove many of his critics wrong. The new season is still 3 weeks away and that’s enough time for Antoine Griezmann to get accustomed with the atmosphere. Because there’s a big task ahead of him, so he won’t want any distractions around.

Expect Griezmann to rise under pressure

Antoine Griezmann will be have to translate his talent into goals, assists and team work in order to blend into the Barca world. He can slowly become a fan favorite if he does perform how he has always done in his career.

Antoine Griezzman out to justify his $134m tag at Barcelona

Griezmann endured a tough time last season. Image : SkySports

He will always have fellow countrymen Ousmane Dambele, Umtiti and Todibo to make him feel at home. In this world of huge transfers, Griezzman’s $134m doesn’t seem as big as it is. But a player of his calibre deserves all of it.

How lethal he becomes with Messi and Suarez will also be something to look forward to. Neymar might also join his old club this season and Barca could lay out one of its best ever lineups.

His dissapointing last season with Atletico is enough to invite thousands of critics. But for a superstar like Antoine Griezmann at 28, it won’t be a surprise if he just makes the $134m look like a bargain with his performances.

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