Antonio Brown NFL Meeting: Will the Wide Receiver Play Again in NFL 2019 Season?

Antonio Brown NFL Meeting

Antonio Brown just had his meeting with the NFL committees regarding the sexual abuse allegations against him and his future in NFL. The meeting which happened last Thursday, November 14 ran for more than 8 hours and apparently Brown answered all the questions politely.

While the supporters and sources close to Antonio Brown are saying that the session went very well and we could soon see the star wide receiver catching the football in NFL 2019 season. Brown had denied all the allegations against him and the code of misconduct levied against him and as per the rumors, we could soon see the star playing from the next few weeks on 2019 NFL season.

NFL Teams will only have Brown after the Case is Cleared

Antonio Brown NFL Meeting

Antonio Brown didn’t even play a single game with the Oakland Raiders and was signed by the New England Patriots in the second game. Tom Brady and Brown had a great pair and the wide receiver caught an incredible pass, made a touchdown and helped the team defeat the Miami Dolphins. None of the teams have any doubts regarding the playing ability of Antonio Brown and the only concerns are the legal charges against him.

There are teams such as Philadelphia Eagles, New England Patriots and New Orleans Saints ready to sing Brown in a heartbeat once he is cleared from the NFL to play in the 2019 season.

Further Investigations to Continue against Antonio Brown

Further Investigations to Continue against Antonio Brown

As per the sources, NFL committees have not yet accused Antonio Brown on any sexual misconduct charges but investigations are still going on. Brown has also filed lawsuits and grievances against his former teams of Oakland Raiders and New Orleans Saints to get the $40 million salary which they owe him.

After he was removed by the Patriots, Antonio Brown has currently enrolled in Central Michigan University to continue his studies and depending on the decision from the NFL, we may see him playing soon or not.

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