Antonio Brown Trade Deals with Philadelphia Eagles, New England Patriots and New Orleans Saints

Antonio Brown

Antonio Brown met with the NFL committees recently and as per the sources it went of kind well. It means that the troubled star wide receiver could soon be making its way back to the National Football League and will see him running again in the NFL 2019 season. Even though the NFL October 29 trade deadline went without any major deals, there will be more trade deals in the month of November and December.

Antonio Brown has been looking positive for a comeback and has been meeting several NFL players and former players. There are high chances that Brown could soon make a trade deal with teams such as Philadelphia Eagles, New England Patriots or New Orleans Saints.

Philadelphia Eagles

Antonio Brown Trade Deals Philadelphia Eagles

The Philadelphia Eagles could be one of the NFL teams that could sigh Antonio Brown as they need a new wide receiver. After losing the last game against the Patriots, the Eagles are now at 5-5 and it could be problematic to reach the playoffs. Howie Roseman has expressed his interest in Antonio Brown several times and we could soon see the WR making its way to Philadelphia.

New England Patriots

Antonio Brown Trade Deals New England Patriots

New England Patriots losing to the Baltimore Ravens in NFL Week 9 has exposed their problems and it is evident that they need Antonio Brown back in the roster. Even Tom Brady has supportive of his weapon who was just with him a single game against the Miami Dolphins. Bill Belichick, the coach of Patriots also has said that he has been saving the salary cap space to make big trades like Brown in the month of October or November.

New Orleans Saints

Antonio Brown Trade Deals New Orleans Saints

The New Orleans Saints needs another wide receiver at the No. 2 spot behind Michael Thomas and Antonio Brown could be a smart move as there are reports that the star could be playing around NFL Week 12. The New Orleans Saints have a great offense and good chance for the title as they are at 8-2 record and inclusion of Brown in the team could give a big boost to their quarterback Drew Brees.

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