Apex Legends Mobile Game Release Date, Gameplay, Features, and other Details Revealed

apex legends

EA had last year mentioned that the Apex Legends mobile version will come out soon. But, since then, the company has maintained silence on the subject.

Later, a Nintendo Switch version was announced by EA. This statement is accompanied by an announcement of Apex Legends being introduced on Steam.

The announcement sparked speculations relating the arrival of award-winning battle on mobile devices. Players also shared ideas regarding what they hope to see on the upcoming mobile version.

apex legends

Apex Legends – Android and iOS Cross-play

Upon its launch, a cross-play between the iOS and Android is also expected. This brings assurance for all players that none of the smartphone users will be left out of the loop when the mobile port finally arrives.

However, its highly recommended that Respawn not include cross-play among consoles, PC, and mobile platforms. The mobile players stand to be at a disadvantage in such a cross-play.

Some games are known to allow only Android cross-play. Choosing this route, will put a cap on the mobile players’ queuing time.

Apex Legends: Support for high-refresh rate

Modern smartphones come with high-refresh-rate screens. The feature is no longer exclusive, as it once was, to flagship devices. Even mid-range smartphones have started to provide these screens which makes the HFR feature’s accessibility adequate.

Games such as Mobile Legends: Bang Bang are already supporting the feature. However, the availability is limited to certain devices only.

Apex Legends: Map Changes

It would be ideal to have a more compact version of King’s Canyon as and when the mobile game is out.

However, the game’s original map may be considered too large for a mobile game. Reworking the map or a new island would be a smart movie for the mobile port.

Old players will love the excitement that it will bring for them. Also, the meta for the mobile version may change as well.


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