Apple AirPlay to have no support from Netflix

Apple Airplay to have no support from Netflix
No Netflix to Apple TV's.

There has been a shocking decision from Netflix after it withdraws its support for Apple’s AirPlay feature.

Netflix had been supporting Apple’s AirPlay feature since 2013, but this decision is somehow shocking for Netflix ios fans.

Apple’s airplay is a feature that allows users who watch Netflix on their Apple devices to play on TV.

Last month Apple had announced its Apple TV+ that is a streaming service based on subscription.

Apple airplay to have no support from Netflix.

No Netflix support for Apple AirPlay.


Although Netflix says that this decision has nothing to do with Apple’s TV+.

According to Netflix Apple’s  Airplay is no longer supported. Reason behind this is technical limitations.

According, to Netflix:

Netflix has taken the decision due to a large number of third party devices supporting Airplay.

Netflix want’s its user to have a nice expericence watching Netflix on any device.

But with Apple’s airplay support rolling out to third-party devices, which makes a bit difficult to differentiate between the devices.

So for that reason Netflix has taken this decision of discontinuing support to Apple’s airplay. This is to ensure their standard of quality for viewing is being met.

said by a Netflix spokesperson.

The outcome of this decision makes fans to use Netflix’s multiple screen features or using external cables.

Apart from this users can also use the in-built streaming media adapter like Chromecast to connect Netflix for ios to a Tv, well, still it is unknown how this decision will bring for Airplay as well as for Netflix in the near future.

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