Apple AirPods Pro Review: Buy Now or Wait for Next AirPods Update?

Apple AirPods Pro Review Buy Now or Wait for Next AirPods Update

Apple AirPods Pro are the latest wireless buds from the tech giant which are also their best ones in the earbuds series. AirPods Pro were initially rumored to be AirPods 3 but instead, it is a better version of AirPods 2 with improved noise cancellation features. But the question remains is it necessary to buy the AirPods Pro now or wait for the next update which will release soon.

Given the high price and other True Wireless (TWS) earbuds in the market, Apple is planning something big with the next AirPods which are tentatively called as AirPods 3 or 2020 AirPods. Here is a brief review of AirPods Pro and a comparison with features of next AirPods update to give you a proper idea about “buy now or wait for an update?” question.

Apple AirPods Pro Review

Apple AirPods Pro Review and Comparison

Apple AirPods Pro reviews are mostly praising the earbuds for its fitting and sound quality, but it only happens after you get an ear scan and get your perfect fit. It connects with Siri, you can tap on the edges to give commands and skip songs. There is no doubt that AirPods Pro are the best wireless earbuds from Apple.

But the comparison should be done with other brands including Samsung Galaxy Buds, Xiaomi AirDots and even the Beats Wireless Pro. If we compare with them, Apple AirPods Pro are not ideal for heavy workouts and can get loose on high velocity. At the price of $249, AirPods Pro are the best you can get from Apple, but if that’s the case, you should wait a bit more to see what’s next in the stores.

Next AirPods Update could be Bundled with 2020 iPhone

Next AirPods Update could be Bundled with 2020 iPhone

Apple has very big plans for the AirPods series given they are in a lot of demands and have a separate branch to manage the business and technical aspects. There are some rumors that Apple might bundle the next AirPods with the 2020 iPhones because every other brand plans to do the same. The popular Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has predicted that Apple will release an all new upgraded version of AirPods with wireless charging support.

It won’t be just simple upgrades but the whole manufacturing process will be changed and they cost around 60% more than the last models. It simply concludes to the point, if you are planning to upgrade your iPhone or you can spend more money, then you should wait for the updates or otherwise get the current AirPods Pro right now.

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