Apple Airpods vs Airpods 2: What’s the difference and should you upgrade?

Apple Airpods vs Airpods 2

Apple Airpods vs Airpods 2, a comparison that distinguishes the two products is on air. March is attributed with the next generation Airpods, Airpods 2 as we call them. The updated version has many exciting features over the original one.

The next generation owes to several new improvements in the older technology. India will soon have the second generation series in coming months. Although there is not much difference in the looks of both the versions, yet they both differ. This difference is because of the modifications that Apple does every year in its products.


Lets have a look at some of the peculiarities like design, specs, price, features etc. because that would allow you to make comparison between the two.

Apple Airpods vs Airpods 2


There is not much difference in the design of the two products as they look identical to each other. the only difference is the LED light of the two charging cases.

The older version had a LED between the two Airpods’ lid when they are placed in the case. While Airpods 2 have the same LED on its front. It shows just the status of charging when placed on a charging mat.

Rest everything remains the same including the color, the dimensions and the weight.


The specs of Apple Airpods vs Airpods 2 are different. Like for instance, the older version of Airpods uses a W1 chip and the one used by Airpods 2 is H1 chip.

This upgrade, Apple says has increased the rate of connection to 1.5 times, providing stability in the wireless connection. They can switch between the two active devices with double speed now.

Owing to the new chip, users with Airpods 2 will not have to wait for long in synchronizing the display and audio.


The price of original Airpods is $159, which is now reduced a little. Airpods 2 are available at $199 with a wireless charging case. However, Apple offers the wireless charging case separately at $79 for first-generation Airpods users.

They can simply use the wireless case if they do not switch to the new version. Along with this, the wireless charging case comes with a Lightning port also. So if the users prefer to use a cable, they are allowed to do so.


Airpods 2 has got some new features like “Hey Siri”. It is supported in the original one. The original Airpods needs a double tap to invoke Siri. Airpods 2 eliminates this with its voice detection ability.

You just have to say “Hey Siri” to control your music if you do not want to use your hands. Moreover, the overall battery life of  both the version is same, but Airpods 2 offers extra 50% of talk time. So you are provided with 1 hour extra time to call your friends or relatives!

Apple Airpods vs Apple Airpods 2: Are Airpods 2 worth upgrading?

We have seen all the differences between the two products. But Airpods 2 do not have anything special that makes it worth upgrading.

As mentioned, the wireless charging case is available separately hence buying new Airpods for the same does not make any sense. Furthermore, the battery life and looks are just the same. There is no change in the functionalities even. The extra talk time does not matter that much.

Even a double tap for the Siri is not a big issue. But yes, if you do not own one, you should go for the Airpods 2. Otherwise, you need not change the original ones, as the second generation is just slighted revamped.

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