Apple AR Glasses Release Date, Features: 2020 Launch for Augmented Reality Glass Confirmed?

Apple AR Glasses Release Date, Features 2020 Launch for Augmented Reality Glass Confirmed

Apple AR Glasses are in works and there has been a lot of evidence proving that the Cupertino bases tech company is working on the futuristic product. There have been numerous rumors about Apple working on a pair of Augmented Reality (AR) Glasses including a leaked patent for the gadget and the recently released documents.

Apple has filed a new patent on February 13 and the document reveals various details and new features of the AR Glasses. There are also claims that Apple AR Glasses are set up to have a 2020 release date with launch confirmed for the Augmented Reality glasses very soon.

Apple AR Glasses Features, Uses and Connectivity

Apple AR Glasses Features, Uses and Connectivity

Apple AR Glasses patent reveals a mixed reality head-mounted device or HMD that will use waveguided technology on its display system with adjustable lenses. The tech giant is also trying the possibilities to connect the glasses with other Apple products such as iPhone, iPad and MacBooks. The patent filed by Apple also talks about desired optical performance levels and users could also overlay computer-generated content over the real-world content.

Also, there will be an option in Apple’s AR Glasses to see the real world directly via a transparent part when the device is in Augmented reality mode. Apple AR Glasses will also have in-built cameras that will enable any user to capture the real world and also scan pixel arrays directly into the eyes-display system.

Apple AR Glasses 2020 Release Date

Apple AR Glasses 2020 Release Date

Apple CEO Tim Cook has hinted that the company has big plans for AR tech in the future and a lot of future products will have Augmented Reality as its core base. There are various reports claiming that Apple AR Glasses could come out in 2020 along with iPhone 12 launch in September annual event.

Apple Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has also made predictions about Apple launching the AR Glasses this year. But one can’t trust any of the rumors as patents don’t indicates actual product and at this point, every report about Apple AR Glasses should be considered just as a rumor.

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