Apple Car Lighting System Patent Spotted! What’s New in this Car from Apple?

Apple Car Lights

The Apple Car has become something of a mythical beast! While it has been in the discussions for the better part of a decade now, there’s no insight from Apple as to what’s up with their automobile division. However, every now and then we get hold of a patent filing via the USPTO (United States Patents and Trademarks Organization) which gives us some updates at the happenings at Apple! The latest is about car lighting system.

Apple Car Patent

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What is this New Apple Car Patent About?

This new patent about Apple’s automobile dreams tells us that the company is planning on working a lighting system that will change the way you envision everything about how your car lights up. The setup involves multiple lenses, LEDs and fiber optics. This system that Apple will be implementing in their car will be able to light up the car based on the driver’s mood!

Apple Car

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This system has been patented as ‘Lighting systems of the vehicle seat.’ Some of the lights will even inform the driver about the fuel tank’s status (or the charging indicator) and seatbelts. This is indeed an interesting concept for the Apple Car.

When Will Apple’s Automobile Division Finally Launch a Car?

Apple Car Release Date

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For years we’ve heard about this division. Ever since Apple moved into their bigger office space, we expected that some announcement will be made about the Apple Car, reportedly named ‘Project Titan’ by the company. However, it is certain that in this coming decade of the ’20s, we are certainly going to see this car in the streets!

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