Apple Car New Patent Shows Mood Based Smart Interior Lights on Seats and Doors for ‘iCar’

Apple Car New Mood Lights

Apple Car could be one of the most advanced and innovative automobiles to come out on the roads soon. Although nothing has been confirmed about a Car from Apple, new patents surfacing on the internet tells a different story. As per the reports, the latest patent for Apple Car would make it a vehicle that will be miles apart from anything we have ever seen.

The new patent reveals that the Cupertino based tech company is working on a new version of the vehicle lightening system which involves embedding lenses, LEDs, and fiber optics. It will change the lights in the interior of the car based on the passenger’s moods and also be informative for basic things like seatbelt and fuel during the journey.

Interior Lights in Apple Car

Apple Car Interior Lights

Apple has been working on a new concept called Project Titan which will cover a lot of areas and develop a self-driving vehicle system. There have been a lot of innovative concepts for the Apple Car and a few designs showing the interior of the car have also been leaked. Every passenger spends most of their time inside the car and the lights are mostly decorative and hardly provide any information.

Apple plans to make the lights aesthetically pleasing, change its color, pattern, intensity based on a user’s mood. It is why Apple has submitted a new patent in the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) titled “Lighting systems of the vehicle seat.

New Patent for Smart Lights in Apple Car

Apple Car Concept Patterns

Apple Car’s interior would be designed in such a way that the car will light up just using the LEDs. Apple also plans to use OLED display technology which is generally used in display screens of smartphones in the interior of their iCar.

The lights won’t be just limited to panels and dashboards, it would also pass through fabrics and come out through the cover layers. It would also have a sensor inserted in the door panels and seat belts and lights would notify the passengers to put on their seatbelts in case they are ignoring it.

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