Apple CarPlay software to be installed in few Lexus Cars of 2018


Have you been missing out the Apple CarPlay feature in your 2018’s Lexus vehicle model? Well, its good news for you as the popular Car manufacturer Lexus had recently announced that they are going to add the Apple CarPlay support software in some of their 2018 car models. These models include the RC, F, RC F, NX, LC, and LS variants in the US and Canada regions.

Apple CarPlay software to be installed in few Lexus Cars of 2018

CarPlay feature will be installed in some 2018 Lexus Cars including Lexus LS

Some of these 2018 Lexus car models have the Lexus Multimedia System, but now they will be enhanced. This will enable Alexa support as well as the Apple CarPlay compatibility. The whole update approximately costs around $199.

What is Apple CarPlay?

CarPlay is an amazing feature of Apple. It allows people to connect their iPhones to their cars and display an iOs interface. The software is focused on making a safer and smarter way of using an iPhone in your car.

Apart, from this few Lexus Vehicles of 2019 that includes Lexus Es and Ux Crossover might probably install CarPlay.

Apple CarPlay software to be installed in few Lexus Cars of 2018

Carplay feature provides a smarter and safer driving experience

Following are the list of Vehicles that are eligible for Apple CarPlay installation.

  • The LS model of 2018
  • LC model of 2018
  • NX model of 2018
  • RC and RC F models of 2018
  • The RC F model of 2019 that was produced before October 2018
  • 2019 NX model that was produced before October 2018
  • And the 2019 ES model without the factory navigation

The CarPlay software will be installed on the Lexus Multimedia System. And the Lexus Dealers are required to install the service.

What are your views on the CarPlay feature? Write your comments in the comment section below. Also, follow for more amazing updates.

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