Apple devices equipped to detect Dementia

Apple devices equipped to detect Dementia

A recent study on Thursday suggested that several devices by Apple Inc. including the iPhone can assist in the identification of Dementia.

Yes, you heard that right. Your own iPhone can be of major help for mild symptom detection of dementia.

Apple Inc devices with digital apps-

Apple devices equipped to detect Dementia

Furthermore, these Apple devices along with digital apps are even capable of detection in cases without symptoms.

Eli Lilly revealed that several Apple Inc devices, with the help of certain digital apps, are capable of differentiating individuals suffering from even the slightest dementia.


Recently, a study was conducted by apple with the backing of Evidation Health and Eli Lilly. The study consisted of 113 participants; all of them above the age of sixty.

Beddit sleep monitoring device

A device called the Beddit sleep monitoring device was used with the Apple Inc. devices for the study.

Apple devices equipped to detect Dementia

Beddit sleep monitoring device was used with the Apple Inc. devices for the study.

The data for the study was gathered with a thorough observation of the device’s usage data and app history. All the study participants were under observation for more than twelve weeks.

How was the conclusion drawn?

The researchers explained that anyone who had the symptoms of dementia had a comparatively slower typing speed than other participants. Furthermore, these dementia patients received lesser text messages in all.

The study also consisted of regular surveys. All the participants were supposed to answer exactly two, surveys. The surveys consisted of one question each. Apart from the survey, the participants also performed simple activities. These activities were performed, once every two weeks. The activities include simple tasks like,

  • Dragging one shape to another
  • Tapping a shape on an app

Several observations were drawn on the basis of accuracy and speed of the tasks. This novel study’s aim was to distinguish participants in two categories of Alzheimer’s disease which included,

  • The mild or minor cognitive impairment stage
  • The pre – dementia stage

On Thursday, at a conference in Alaska, the results of the study were presented. This study is a novel approach in the field of dementia detection. If successful, it can be one of the most easily affordable and easily accessible psychological aid.

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