Apple Gaming MacBook Specs and Features: WWDC 2020 Launch for Apple’s Gaming Laptop Possible

Apple Gaming MacBook Specs and Features WWDC 2020 Launch for Apple's Gaming Laptop Possible

Apple Gaming MacBook could soon be a reality as the Cupertino based tech giant is working on a new laptop. As per the reports, Apple will come up with a gaming Mac this year which was rumored for the last few years. Apple is coming with a lot of new products this year and its 2020 lineup includes an affordable iPhone (iPhone 9), iPad Pro, AirPods 3 and the latest device that could be a new gaming laptop.

Ever since Apple has come up with its MacBook series, tech fans are wondering when will the company come with its gaming computer. Here are more details on Apple Gaming MacBook specs, features, rumors, and a possible WWDC 2020 launch date for the Apple gaming laptop.

Apple Gaming MacBook Specs and Features Rumors

Apple Gaming MacBook Specs and Features Rumors

Apple has recently seeded the beta version of macOS Catalina 10.15.4 which contains AMD AMU code snippets. One of the Twitter users named @_rogame decoded the code and revealed that Apple is working on a wide range of AMD chips for its upcoming Mac lineup. The Accelerated Processing Units (APUs) contains combined GPU and CPU on a single drive hinting powerful performance and features which are generally seen in a gaming laptop.

Apple is expected to work on its gaming MacBook for the past few years and the new code snippet could further be proving the same. The Cupertino based tech giant has recently introduced Apple Arcade and the next step could be to come up with a new Apple gaming MacBook.

Apple Gaming MacBook to be Launched at WWDC 2020

Apple Gaming MacBook to be Launched at WWDC 2020

Apple’s gaming MacBook could be released at WWDC 2020 event where the company will unveil all its new products. The gaming Mac from Apple could be priced around $5,000 and deliver powerful performance and supports all the high-processing game titles. Apple iOS 14, iPhone 12, iPhone 9/iPhone SE 2, AirPods 3 and other products including Apple Gaming MacBook could be launched at the WWDC 2020 annual conference.

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