Apple iOS 13.2.2 Update for iPhone and iPad Plagued with Bug Problems

iOS 13.2.2 Update iPhone iPad

Apple, over the years, has had this infuriating problem where one update would fix some older bugs but incorporate some new ones into the system. This has been something that we have seen with Apple’s iOS updates over the past several years – and this unfortunate trend has continued with Apple’s new iOS 13.2.2 update for iPhone and iPad. While some older bugs have been fixed, newer bugs have now made their way into the system.

iOS 13.2.2 Bug for iPhone iPad

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iOS 13.2.2 Update is Here: What’s New?

This new update brings in a number of RAM related fixes and memory management has become much better than compared to the past. There was a huge problem in the past that if you were to switch apps, you would lose progress in the app that you have switched from. For instance, if you were watching a video on YouTube, it would collapse, or if you were playing a game such as PUBG it would start from the beginning. This was causing a lot of trouble in the past but has now been fixed.

iOS Update 13.2.2 Bug iPhone iPAd

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However, this update brings some new bugs of its own! Some users are complaining that there is a bug in the iOS which causes their Twitter to malfunction and while scrolling, and the feed jumps to the top. There’s also a bug which causes the iOS to hang and apps to close while taking a screenshot.

Apple iOS 13.2.2 Update Still Has Major Bug Issues; Users Angry!

iOS 13.2.2 Bug

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Users who updated to iOS 13.2.2 for iPhone and iPad have taken to Twitter to bring to light some of these bugs which have come in with this new update. Users are really angry with Apple and they’ve been voicing their opinion on social media platforms.

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