Apple iOS 13.2 Jailbreak Release Date Gets Major Boost After Apple Hacker’s Latest Tweet

Apple iOS 13.2 Jailbreak Release Date

Apple iPhone owners are not happy with the recently released iOS 13 software update and are planning to jailbreak their device. The latest Apple iOS 13.2 update is of low quality and doesn’t offer anything new at all. Apple has been releasing several patches and updates at regular intervals to make their devices work better, smoother and faster.

It has become a big problem for the users who wanted to jailbreak their devices, but work has been going on in that direction constantly. The Apple iOS jailbreaking community is working at a very fast pace since the last month and various useful exploits have been discovered lately. The iOS 13.2 jailbreak could be out soon along with ‘Forever Jailbreak’ for the ever-changing software updates.

iOS 13.2 Jailbreak Release Date: When can the Public Access It?

iOS 13.2 Jailbreak Release Date Public Access

Apple iOS 13.2 jailbreak could come out in the next few days as the popular iOS developer named qwertyoruiop hinted about a jailbroken device running on the iOS 13.2 on Halloween. In a Twitter post, the developer posted a picture of Apple iPhone jailbreak using the Cydia tool.

It only a took week for the iOS jailbreak community to announce a release date and the public release could come out from November 14 to November 15. It means that the official jailbreak for Apple iPhone 11, 11 Pro, 11 Pro Max running on iOS 13.2 could be out before this weekend.

iOS 13.2 Forever Jailbreak to Release Soon

Forever Jailbreak to Release Soon

There are high chances that iOS 13.2 jailbreak release date hints could be true as even the developer axiomX retweeted them. Although, it is not clear whether it was referencing the Apple iOS 13.2 jailbreak or the latest update knows as “forever jailbreak.” The work done of the jailbreak process can almost be credited to axiomX as he was the researcher who came up with the “permanent unpatchable bootrom exploit” called checkm8.

The exploit was used to jailbreak the device powered by A5 to A11 chips. The Cupertino based giant is working hard to counteract the vulnerability, but so fat Apple has not been that successful as devices ranging from iPhone 4S (2011) through iPhone X (2017) are under the forever jailbreak category.

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